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We are a team of marketing professionals here to provide you with the most efficient seller and buyer lead generation campaign for your real estate business. Marketing and lead generation is a time consuming and daunting process. With us, you will get sustainable, time-saving buyer and seller lead generation strategies that keep your sales pipeline full and profitable. Choose from done for you services or join our beta coaching program and master your marketing so you never starve.



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Let's take your business to the next level.  Get step by step, unparalleled, high-quality, do-it yourself Facebook Ad Advanced marketing tutorials. Connect with other motivated realtors who have positioned themselves to build their 7 figure businesses. Get a proven process to stay on track and produce sustainable results. Position yourself for financial security well into the future.
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We have an expert team that will create your marketing campaign and monitor each ad to ensure the the most profitable campaign in lead generation.  Additionally, we set up and run automation services to help you nurture each new lead to increase your sales conversions.
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Meet Boz Johnson, Founder of Magnify ROI, LLC. He and his team's mission is to help people build their best lives possible with their online trainings, coaching, and services.



Boz Johnson started Magnify ROI, LLC completely broke, at the age of 30, out of his parent's spare bedroom in Pacifica, CA. In four short years, he has built the company into an extremely profitable marketing agency, working with a wide range of clients from chiropractors, to solar sales and even jewelry stores.  Due to an opportunity for his family, he decided to relocate his business to Maui in 2016 where he enjoys life with his girlfriend, two pet sheep, and dog, Ballou.

 One of Boz’s largest achievements is his partnership with Josh Harris to build their multi-million dollar online training program.  This success was accomplished in less than 1 year, from scratch, and WITHOUT an audience or well-known brand.  Boz’s primary focus within this team was to build organic and paid marketing assets, built an audience, developed the training programs, and ran the operations with a team of 15 people. He personally trained more than 250 entrepreneurs to start and build highly profitable online marketing agencies.

In 2018, Boz decided to specialize in real estate marketing. Now, Boz takes the most valuable principles of sales and marketing and shares them in his online trainings, services, and coaching programs. He provides the powerful principles of marketing and sales success strategies so that you can get profits fast & sustainably. No more periods of rough times with a lack of sales and momentum!

In this program, you learn quick and long-term strategies to drive leads and sales. The goal of this training is to equip entrepreneurs with cutting edge strategies to exponentially grow their businesses.  We hope you have the will and determination to get to the Next Level in your own life and business. Apply to join today.

"Boz Johnson and his team are not like any other agency you've encountered. They know EXACTLY how to make your business omnipresent, and the most dominant force in your industry."

Philip Meese
Founder at Financial Study Network
Jeremiah Webb
Founder at Shop On Fire

"These guys are unstoppable. If you get a chance to work with them, do it. You won't be disappointed. You'll be wishing you reached out to them 6 months before so you wouldn't have lost so much time and money in opportunity cost."



“I have known few people that care so much about their clients as Boz does for his clients.  He has impressed me so much that I reached out to him for advice on how he would handle helping some of my clients.  What really stands out when you are talking to Boz is that he really listens to you before offering a solution.  If you are a business that is trying to grow, you would be hard pressed to find anyone better than Boz to help you accomplish that."
Jeremy Huffman

"Boz has tremendous strategies that will help grow your business. His expertise and his proven methodologies have created tremendous value for our group."

Mauricio Cardenal

"Boz is very analytical and detail oriented when it comes to planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. He always goes above and beyond, gets things done on time and consistently exceeds my expectations. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with Boz!"

Courtney Martin

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Buyer Ad Example

Seller Ad Example

Proof of Ad Performance at $2.14 Per Lead (27 Leads Generated in Less Than 36 Hours. Leads like this convert 1-3% to contract first 6 weeks)

Buyer Ad Example 2 (Applicable to Realtors and Lenders)

Proof of Ad Performance at $7.68 Per Lead (This Ad Generated an $830k Listing in the First 5 Leads Because a Seller Saw It and Signed Up! 111 leads produced in less than 1 week)

Proof of Ad Performance at $16.90 Per Lead. Average Seller Leads Nationwide = $14. (In this campaign, 8 Seller Leads Generated and 1 Sale for $135 Ad Spend)

Seller Ad Example 2 

Proof of Ad Performance at $5.78 Per Lead (This Ad Generated a $515k Listing in the First 8 Leads for $31, resulting in a $12,875 commission to our realtor. All in less than 2 days. Leads like this convert 5-10% to contract first 6 weeks)

“Before working with Boz the revenue in my business had stagnated.  I was struggling to acquire enough work to match the goals I had in my business.  Boz helped me to identify some key issues occurring with my marketing, systems, and sales process.  I did what he advised and my business has increased 42% in just 3 months!  I now have a much better lifestyle and more time to do what I want to do when I want to do it.  Boz has completely changed my mindset about what is possible.  Follow his formula and you will see big results."
Chez Santini
“My business was stuck and bleeding money.  With Boz's help I grew my business 289% in 3 years.  He does amazing work.  Highly recommend him."
Aamit Chowdurry

“Boz is an amazing asset to any organization who seeks his expertise in the digital marketing arena.  Not only does he have proven systems and strategies to generate consistent leads and sales, he is also one of the most ethical and authentic individuals I have ever known.  I highly recommend doing business with Boz."

Oguz Konar

"I can only give my highest recommendation to Boz. Without question, there are snakes in the grass in the lead generation business. Then there are some good guys. The level above the good guys is Boz and his team."

Rex Wisehart
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Real estate sales teams love us because we generate hundreds of leads per month and multiple sales. We help them streamline text and email marketing automations to filter for quality leads. This saves them immense amounts of time, energy, and money. Standard buyer and seller acquisitions are $100-500 with sustainability. Our average clients profit at least 10x what they invest with us.

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