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Scale Your Business With the Most Powerful A.I. + LinkedIn Appointment Automation Method

“Before working with Boz the revenue in my business had stagnated.  I was struggling to acquire enough work to match the goals I had in my business.  Boz helped me to identify some key issues occurring with my marketing, systems, and sales process.  I did what he advised and my business has increased 42% in just 3 months!  I now have a much better lifestyle and more time to do what I want to do when I want to do it.  Boz has completely changed my mindset about what is possible.  Follow his formula and you will see big results."
Chez Santini
“My business was stuck and bleeding money.  With Boz's help I grew my business 289% in 3 years.  He does amazing work.  Highly recommend him."
Aamit Chowdurry

“Boz is an amazing asset to any organization who seeks his expertise in the digital marketing arena.  Not only does he have proven systems and strategies to generate consistent leads and sales, he is also one of the most ethical and authentic individuals I have ever known.  I highly recommend doing business with Boz."

Oguz Konar

"I can only give my highest recommendation to Boz. Without question, there are snakes in the grass in the lead generation business. Then there are some good guys. The level above the good guys is Boz and his team."

Rex Wisehart
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"If you're looking to get more quality clients... This LinkedIn method will get you 10x plus Return On Investment (ROI) without using paid ads"

Meet Rod Turman in his Agent AdShare 10-min Preview Video. "Your business is worth sharing, now the average agent and lender can do so."

Learn why our agent AdShare marketing method is the MOST effective way to scale your business



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Boz Johnson
Owner of Magnify ROI

Magnify ROI

Learn about the 3 core profitable real estate products we offer to help you

Get a team of marketing professionals here to provide you with the most efficient lead generation campaign for your real estate business. Marketing and lead generation can be a time consuming and daunting process. With us, you will get sustainable, time-saving buyer and seller lead generation strategies that keep your sales pipeline full and profitable. Choose from 3 tiers of products below to get the results you need.

Get Guaranteed Leads and Results

Coaching guarantees 20 or more home buyer and or seller leads. The average realtor is able to close 1-2 deals per month.  Within 48 hours, you can begin to receive exclusive leads (about 85% buyer and 15% seller) in your area. Get instant notifications with their contact information to your exclusive, easy to use software, FollowUpBoss. With this program, you will get technical support to engage your prospects automatically via text and email. And, teams use this software as a dedicated team phone or dialer for faster dialing. Desktop and mobile user friendly. Trusted by thousands. You don't need to do anything other than submit your payment today, provide us your contact information, and schedule a 30-minute Zoom webinar on-boarding call with John Walden, account manager and coach. We will email you his online calendar. He will set up your custom campaign or page. All adspend is pre-billed each month the same day you subscribe today. 

☑️ You get a 30-Day Power Guarantee for all products of a 50% back whatever you pay us.
Boz guarantees 80-200 higher quality Google and Facebook leads. Receive Top 100 real estate team marketing systems generating 3-8 deals per month. Position yourself for up to 20.  Google historically proves best to generate motivated people searching. Capturing them in that behavior, and you getting their name, phone, and email in real time, allows your team to follow up and convert higher than any other data or A.I. driven lead source. 75% of leads and sales already come from Google for top realtors. Follow their proven model. That is why we compete with Zillow, Trulia, and other big advertising companies to own your local market. Get the  "franchise-like" marketing software and systems you can take to any state or country.  2 dedicated account managers. Weekly reports. 60-minute monthly webinar review call with direct one on one your account manager and get direct help from Boz Johnson.  Additional software fees may apply based on your custom needs.
 ☑️ Get bonus online program
Service guarantees 40 or more home buyer and or seller leads. Typical results are 2-5 deals per month. Join an elite Marketing service and gain access to  a coaching program to take your business to the next level. Get marketing principles and follow up video training by Boz Johnson.  Connect with other motivated realtors who have positioned themselves to build their 7 figure businesses using our process in our Facebook group. Get step by step, unparalleled, high-quality Facebook marketing tutorials to market any listing. Receive a pre-made Contact Resource Manager (CRM) with text and email automations. Monitor your sales agents for accountability on track and producing results. See Daily reporting metrics including calls made, texts sent, and speed to follow up. Get the marketing and administrative systems that position you to build your dream real estate franchise. Weekly reporting. 30-minute monthly 1 on 1 Zoom Webinar call with your account manager.

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Google & Facebook

Facebook Services

"1 Contract Per Month Guarantee"
Most Popular:
"2 Contracts Per Month Guarantee"
2 Account Managers:
"3-8 Contracts Per Month Guarantee"
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Why FollowUpBoss?

Learn how our method for using FollowUpBoss sets more appointments.

The consistent follow up of your team is the only way you will succeed. So, we make it easy for you to do so. Your team can use an a dedicated account we create for your leadership. Each extra agent is $97/mo. You can scale a team up to 5 people round robin account with our management. Leverage text and email instant notifications after they give you their contact info. Track and report all follow up to our leads. Track important opportunities, conversations, and appointments. Have happy clients. Become a highly paid realtor. We are not an affiliate of FollowUpBoss.
How Top 10% Real Estate Teams Leverage Systems

How To Get Started Boosting Your Business Now

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Why Our Partnerships Succeed

What You Will Learn in the 2-minute Video

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Meet Boz Johnson in his 2-min Preview Video. "Your business is worth sharing, let's get you on track to 2x each year."

Learn why our marketing method is the MOST effective way to scale your business

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Why you get results with our marketing

Preview the model that will drive Facebook leads. See case studies.

Available today is a step by step digital guide to marketing any listing in any market. The best performing ads follow a few principles. For targeting, they target a 15 mile radius. And, start with including people already interested in Zillow and other buyer behavior data. Each month, your Facebook and Google leads will grow. Google leads are the best source of leads. They are already actively searching. However, phase 1 using Facebook is best to drive overnight leads. Campaigns can be built all within Facebook in less than 20 minutes. Let us show you the principles of how we do it.
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“I have known few people that care so much about their clients as Boz does for his clients.  He has impressed me so much that I reached out to him for advice on how he would handle helping some of my clients.  What really stands out when you are talking to Boz is that he really listens to you before offering a solution.  If you are a business that is trying to grow, you would be hard pressed to find anyone better than Boz to help you accomplish that."
Jeremy Huffman

"Boz has tremendous strategies that will help grow your business. His expertise and his proven methodologies have created tremendous value for our group."

Mauricio Cardenal

"Boz is very analytical and detail oriented when it comes to planning and executing digital marketing campaigns. He always goes above and beyond, gets things done on time and consistently exceeds my expectations. Thank you for being such a pleasure to work with Boz!"

Courtney Martin

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